Hurrah for the Free Pericardium ! (Vive le Péricarde Libre !)
author Montserrat Gascón

This book explains clearly what LIFE is, how it flows in our cells, between us and through us.

It is a practical handbook, useful to « feel » Life vibrate and breathe so to speak in our body and in all living beings. It bears a special interest in the pericardium and how this membrane – surrounding, supporting and protecting the heart – receives emotional impacts. All the more so because it is the main entrance for emotions.

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The Secret of the Heart
author Montserrat Gascón

This is the story of a journey of discovery leading us through the paths of human experience and deep fears, to happiness and the joy of finding the Grail. An exciting story with a clear aim : to remind us WHO WE ARE and to reconnect us to our spiritual essence.

Doctor Clara Pagès is an obstetrician who brings up her son Alex very strictly. Alex is a dreamy child who loves the cinema and wishes only to be an adventurer.

When his father, Joan, a lawyer who dreams about becoming an archeologist, decides to offer his family a journey to Mexico, they are far from imagining what sort of a surprise life has in store for them …

The book includes a DVD with an interview by the Spanish journalist Ima Sanchis, and some unusual activities, as well as music and a meditation led by the author. The aim is to enable the reader to free his/her pericardium him/herself and answer the essential questions:

  • What is LIFE ?
  • How does it work ?
  • Who are we deeply ?
  • What are we doing here on earth ?

More than a book this novel is a manual of Life. This is a limited self-published edition.

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When I was living in Jerusalem (Quand j'habitais Jérusalem)
author Montserrat Gascón

Discover the adventures of Saleh, a young carefree teenager whose life takes a new direction when his father sends him, against his will, to Jerusalem to study sacred texts …
In the course of his adventures and encounters he will share the everyday life of Muslim, Jewish and Christian families. At the same time he will discover that, in spite of difficulties, each of these situations has been a major component of his learning.

Then full of JOY and GRATITUDE he eventually understands how right his father had been to push him towards his own destiny …

Thanks to this return ticket to Jerusalem he will be able to spread his wings and gradually integrate the truth that « All revolves around Ur » …

Discover the first chapter for free

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Osteopatia BioEnergetica Cellular (*) / Life, Death (OBC / La vie, la mort)
meeting with Montserrat Gascón

This DVD contains two films, the first being the first film shot by Montserrat Gascón on the subject of the freeing of the pericardium. The second is her reflexion on the meaning of Life and the meaning of Death. This DVD is unique about these questions.

These last centuries have been remarkable for the huge development of science, technology and industry.

It is the epoch of the brain, of reasoning, applications and logics. I feel that now, the era of the heart is starting : the era of emotions, of Love. It is high time for the heart to regain its rightful place, not only as THE vital organ -because of its function as cardiac pump-, but also as the essential element for our life balance and health.

High time to reconcile with our heart, that receives and runs our emotions, that links all the elements and systems in our body, that links our spiritual body and our physical body, and links us to all other living beings and the Universe.

Freeing life is freeing our heart from all these intellectual, social, political and religious obstacles that we have been dragging along for so many years. It is freeing the vital energy, that is our humanity, which means our essence as human beings.
The pericardium, the guardian of our sacredness, is like the cup of the Grail, the place where body and soul and spirit get together.
(*)Spanish name of Freeing the Pericardium.

Montserrat Gascón

Debowska Productions

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At the heart of Montserrat (Au cœur de Montserrat)
meeting with Montserrat Gascón

Without any guide, without any historical data, without any pre-established concepts, only with the eyes of the heart so that each one may find one’s own « truth ». Let what we can see remind us of WHO we are, as we all are the manifestation and expression of the same essence : LIFE ..!

Montserrat Gascón

Debowska Productions

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Who am I ? Who are we ? (Qui suis-je ? Qui sommes-nous ?)
meeting with Montserrat Gascón

I am the full energy that experiences with the matter on earth in this body called Montserrat.
Time has come to recognise who we are and to establish the link in our heart between our body and our soul. And so the spirit of Life will awaken and the ALCHEMY (the divine chemistry) will reveal itself inside us and around us.
How did I get to the pericardium ?
Since I was very young I have wished to understand what « life » means.

In order to see clearly what it meant I studied for a long time : Teachers’ Training College, Nursing Training School, and four years’ study in medicine, then I was a teacher in morphopsychology, neurology and osteopathy, … over 30 years of experience in hospitals throughout the world …
And above all, I lived. I experienced with life passionately in all situations, getting wiser as I learned from life.
That is being able to respect everyone’s progress forward his/her own essence by recognising the vibration of his/her group of souls (which often has nothing to do with blood links), without feeling guilty and with care and love for him/herself and others.
Life has led me to the Pericardium and I have discovered what LIFE is.

Montserrat Gascón

Debowska Productions

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on-line Videos

Current events - Living within Fears or Living with Heart ? (french)

Today, with the virus, being confined, ... around me and in the media, I only hear Fear being talked about, at all levels. I am still persuaded, for all that, that we can make the choice to live differently : in the Heart.

In this video, I show you this other way to see things that I have found living the Free Pericardium as a way of life.

Vincent-Emmanuel MEILLE

It's time to change ! (french)

In these times of deconfinement, we all agree that we want things to change.

I offer you my vision because if we want things to change, it is ourselves that we will have to change ! It is useless to imagine how to make something new (we have already tried, with the results that we know).

For me it is time to change our vibration and find our heart. Following that, concrete change will happen by itself.

Enough of fighting oneself. It is time to shine !

Vincent-Emmanuel MEILLE

Why do we speak of the Pericardium rather than of the Heart ? (french)

This is the question I answer in this video.

Enjoy !

Vincent-Emmanuel MEILLE