Vincent-Emmanuel MEILLE

Trainer and Practitioner in Freeing the Pericardium

I have practised the method of Freeing the Pericardium for more than 10 years, ever since I was taught directly by Montserrat Gascón herself.

About me

I first came upon the method of Freeing the Pericardium through a therapist, one of the first practising this method in France. Ever since I was a teenager, I had suffered from serious allergies (especially respiratory), but I also had chronic back problems and other afflictions that complicated my life. Straight away, I understood what this method of treatment could bring me and I decided to begin a real process.

After a few sessions, the results exceeded my expectations and all those allergies and other aches belonged to the past. As I was working in the scientific field at that time, the changes I was experiencing brought me the confirmations I needed.

And then my therapist told me that everyone could practise this method of Freeing the Pericardium. This was a big surprise to me and I decided to learn the method, if only so I could understand what was going on and how it was possible to obtain such results as the ones I was experiencing in my own body. How was it possible to heal and cure with such a good result, working only with the hands and the heart by sensing, then eliminating the blocked energy in the cells, considering the Pericardium as the main key ?

The training I underwent with Montserrat Gascón herself was a real revolution in my life because in the end it opened my eyes to the true nature of the world in which I was living, with all its energy dimension : I felt I had been missing this reality all my life.

By the end of my training, I had mastered a wonderful tool which I began to use with people I knew, who needed my help and asked me. Step by step, I began to devote my life to this activity. I left my previous scientific work and became a full-time practitioner.

Since then, I have continued to practise. I myself became a Trainer in 2013. I lead conferences and training sessions to share my experience of the heart. I still continue my own training under Montserrat Gascón, who is still going on with her researches, which makes Freeing the Pericardium an living approach.

Through this adventure, I have resolved my own physical troubles and much more besides. I became aware of my real abilities in life. In Freeing the Pericardium, I have found :

it WORKS, it is SIMPLE and it is CONSISTENT.


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